Independent Adjudicator Applications - The September Round!

Independent Adjudicator Applications - The September Round

To the World Debating Community,

The second round of independent adjudicator applications for Malaysia Worlds 2015 will open on 1st September 2014. Applicants who have already applied in the first round (which was in June) do not need to re-apply in this round under any circumstances - only new applicants need apply in this round. As in the June round, the application form for those wishing to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015 as Independent Adjudicators will be available here: and will be accepting applications from 1st September (it will not be accepting applications before then). A few applicants in the June round found this hyperlink non-functional when clicked on from the tournament website - if anyone does encounter such problems in September, then pasting the link into your address bar or using the link on the Malaysia Worlds 2015 facebook page should work without any problems.

The form is not just for those who are requesting financial support (i.e. registration waivers or travel expense subsidies), we anticipate also awarding places to individuals who have secured, or are likely to secure, financial support from their universities or other sources. The deadline for applications is 11.59pm of 21st September 2014. After that deadline there will no longer be any opportunity to apply to be an independent adjudicator at Malaysia Worlds, so we encourage everyone to apply as early in September as possible. Please spread this announcement to all who might be interested to ensure no one who intends to apply fails to do so.

Any questions pertaining to the form or the independent adjudicator application process should be sent to If any consistent problems, questions or updates arise, we will post clarifications to them on the Malaysia Worlds 2015 facebook page - so please regularly look there for guidance.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Many thanks,

The Malaysia Worlds 2015 Adjudication Core
Shafiq Bazari, Jonathan Leader Maynard, Engin Arıkan, Brett Frazer, Madeline Schultz, Sebastian Templeton, Danique van Koppenhagen

Independent Adjudicator Applications

To the World Debating Community,

We would like to thank all those who have applied to be an Independent Adjudicator at Malaysia Worlds 2015 - the overall strength of the applications has been exceptionally high, and we are very excited about the projected strength and depth of our judging pool at the tournament. Our processing of those applications is ongoing, but we felt that those who had applied deserved an update on where we are at this time.

The process of building a pool of funded independent adjudicators is, necessarily, a very time-consuming one. Over the course of the last few weeks, the AdjCore has been issuing, and responding to, a first wave of offer letters to a number of applicants. Applicants who have not yet received an offer letter from the AdjCore should *not* conclude that their application has therefore failed or been poorly evaluated. But our need to manage a finite budget for registration waivers and travel subsidies, the importance of holding over one quarter of that budget for the September round of new applications, and the fact that many offers we make will impact on what other offers we would make, means that we have had to structure our offers over time. The order in which applicants have been contacted is not simply a reflection of the strength of their application, and many applicants we are extremely keen to see attend Malaysia Worlds will still have not been made an offer by us. We appreciate that this means that a number of candidates have still not heard about the outcome of their application, and we apologise for this. But this only reflects the care and thoroughness we are attempting to devote to the application and offer process, and the time that process inevitably requires given the need to wait on responses from adjudicators to offers that have been made. We reiterate: having not yet received an offer is not a basis for concluding that your application has been evaluated negatively, or that (where relevant) you will not be allocated a competitive offer to attend the tournament.

At this time, we are unlikely to make more than a handful of additional offers before the start of the September round (for new applicants, an announcement about that September round will be made shortly), because of our decision to protect one quarter of our budget for that round. But any adjudicator who has not yet been contacted by us will still have their application live in that round, and we will definitely be making further offers after its conclusion. This is simply a necessity of having two rounds of applications - and we believe having two rounds is very beneficial to both the tournament and potential adjudicators. We ask for your continued patience whilst we work through the applications and attempt to build the very best possible pool of independent adjudicators for Malaysia Worlds. Urgent enquiries can still be made to

Many thanks,

The Malaysia Worlds 2015 AdjCore

Updated Allocations List & Payment Reminder

To all institution representatives,

You will be able to view the status of your institution and whether or not you have been allocated more teams in the following link:

The release of this sheet has been delayed due to an immense number of participants requesting for a payment extension in the first phase of payment. As such, we have exhausted all payment extensions granted and are now in a position to drop institutions that have failed to abide by the payment deadline.

We have to highlight several things:

1. If you have been granted an increased allocation of teams and judges, the new payment deadline in which full payment must be made is the 29th of August 2014.

If you would like a new invoice, send your request to

We will send a mass general e-mail notifying institution reps on the updated allocations. We will require a reply indicating that you are still interested in sending those amount of teams and judges. If there is no reply within seven days (from when the e-mail is sent), we will assume that you are no longer interested in sending those amount of teams and judges.

2. If there is no change in your allocated teams and judges, the former payment deadline still applies. The full registration fee is due on the 31st of July 2014.

If you require a longer timeframe to complete payment, do not hesitate to email us at the aforementioned e-mail addresses.

3. If you are dropped from the registration list, this means that you have not submitted your proof of payment to the Reg and Finance team.

As stated in our reg policy and in our invoices, the payment phase is not complete until the proof of payment is either uploaded unto your FastRego account or e-mailed to us.

If you have in fact, submitted the proof of payment but you are dropped from the institution list, e-mail us to rectify the error.

If you have in fact, made payment but forgot to e-mail us the proof of payment, also e-mail us to rectify the error.

There is a handful of payments that we have received but we are unable to attribute it to any one of our participants. We will very much require your proof of payment in order to track down your payments.

Lastly, we understand that many institutions will be e-mailing us with inquiries as well as appeals subsequent to this, we would kindly ask all reps to do so in a calm fashion. We would appreciate your kind understanding that the Reg and Finance team are almost always bombarded with e-mails and that it might take some time for our response to reach you. We truly appreciate your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience the delays might cause you.

Best wishes,

Malaysia WUDC 2015 Team

Results of the WUDC Scholarship Applications!

Hi all,

The Scholarship Team is amazed at the wonderful response we have received with over 300 talented individuals sending in their application for the Malaysia Worlds Scholarship Programme. This has generated lengthy discussions amongst the selection panel who are unfortunately tasked with narrowing the list to only 60 deserving applicants to participate in this year’s WUDC.

Before we release the said list, the Scholarship Team would like to make a remark that reflects on our selection process of the scholarship recipients. There are a significant number of applicants that came from nations that we did not consider to be under-developed debating nations. We recognise that the development of debating within any particular nation may not have been equitable across regions and across institutions. In cases where we are able to accommodate those regions and institutions that have not enjoyed exposure to WUDC, we would be happy to do so. But as a principle in our selection criteria, we will prioritise scholarship applications from nations that do not have a particularly active local debating circuit or from nations that traditionally have been unable to participate in WUDC.

In relation to that, there were many applicants from nations with an active debating circuit, has hosted a significant regional debating tournament and has traditionally been performing extremely well in WUDC ESL and EFL formats. The Scholarship Team has deemed those nations to not be nations with an underdeveloped debating circuit.

With that said, the following are successful scholarship recipients under the Malaysia Worlds Scholarship Programme, in alphabetical order:

Adams Mahama Nasiatu
Ahmad Muneer Wahidi
Antonio Asinyo
Arturo Vallejo Abdala
Aytaj Ahmadova
Bahman Shahi
Bogachenko Pavlo
Caleb Kudah
Chelesani Glorious Ndlovu
Cliff Simataa
Daniel Cardona
Dawid Wojciech Bartkowiak
Dawud Yakubu
Edwin Gration Muganyizi Sosthenes
Elody Guadalupe Malpartida Zamora
Franklin Ubi David
Ian Michael Forsyth Daneri
Ivan Mulife Limbo
Jakub Edmund Szymik
Janiel Shashana Lambert
Javid Museyibli
Jevon Minto
Johannes Shangadi
Magdalena Wąwoźna
Maria Paula Garcia Cortes
Marietta Asabea Ayisi
Marius Lukminas
Metra Mehran
Mohammad Dawood Safi
Mohammad Haroon Hillal
Mohammad Navid Aria
Natalia Mejía Pardo
Nompilo J Nkomo
Nwagha Ugochukwu Emmanuel C.
Obasenwoyi John Obongha
Obiyo Daniel Chibuikem
Ogbuokiri Ifeanyi Valentine
Ogbuokiri Ugochuwu David
Oliva Kokutona Kajara
Oti Osinachi
Patience Sibanda
Prizma Ghimire
Rawill De Jesús Guzmán Rosario
Rutendo Mazhindu
Samiksha Neupane
Samuel Ndungula Ndungula
Sandesh Adhikari
Sayed Samim Rohany
Sert Oleksandr
Simonas Budreika
Sithembile Siziba
Smarika K.C
Stanisław Stefaniak
Tatenda,K. Muzamindo
Thabo Arthur Dube
Toppoh Iddriss Sajjad
Uwakwe Ikechukwu Henry
Víctor Díaz Ferreiras.
Walid Wardak
Zwelithini Eugine Xaba

In the next 24 hours, the above list of applicants will receive an e-mail detailing the amount of scholarship grant they have received. Every individual will receive a significant amount of subsidy but not all will receive full scholarships. In the case where the scholarship recipient would like to reject the scholarship offer, kindly reply as such by the 1st of July 2014 so that we are able to re-allocate the scholarship grant to another applicant.

Congratulations to all Malaysia Worlds scholars! We look forward to welcoming you to Malaysia!

Independent Adjudicators Application Opens

To the World Debating Community,

The application form for those wishing to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015 as Independent Adjudicators (including those from institutions who wish to attend in excess of that institution's "N-1" cohort of judges) is now available here: The form is not just for those who are requesting financial support (i.e. registration waivers or travel expense subsidies), we anticipate awarding a large number of places to individuals who have secured, or are likely to secure, financial support from their universities or other sources. The deadline for applications is 11.59pm of 24 June 2014.

We emphasise that this is the first of TWO rounds of applications. In early July, we will announce who has been selected as an independent adjudicator for Malaysia Worlds in this round. A second round of applications will open in September, in which we will consider both new applications and those who were not given places/funding in the June round but who still wish to attend the tournament.

Any questions pertaining to the form or the independent adjudicator application process should be sent to If any consistent problems or questions arise, we will post clarifications to them in the Malaysia Worlds 2015 facebook page - so also look there for guidance.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Many thanks,

The Malaysia Worlds 2015 Adjudication Core
Shafiq Bazari, Jonathan Leader Maynard, Engin Arıkan, Brett Frazer, Madeline Schultz, Sebastian Templeton, Danique van Koppenhagen

WUDC Scholarship Programme - Open for Application!

Malaysia Worlds 2015 is proud to announce the initiation of our WUDC Scholarship Programme that aims to provide speakers from under-represented and under-developed debating nations free access to our tournament. This is a need-based scholarship that is made possible by a RM100,000 grant from the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) that aims to increase the inclusivity of Malaysia Worlds 2015 as well as support the debating communities of those nations.


The Scholarship Programme has reserved 30 team slots to be granted to applicants from under-represented debating communities to enjoy the following benefits:

(a) Full subsidy of registration fee to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015,
(b) Full or partial subsidy of travel costs (i.e. flights and visa),
(c) Free access to a pre-WUDC Debating Workshop, and
(d) Free access to debate in our pre-Worlds tournament, Kuala Lumpur Open Challenge 2014.

The main goal of this Scholarship Programme is to strengthen the debating culture of under-developed debating communities and actively encourage their participation within competitive debating. Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to take full use of this opportunity to bring back their experience and learning outcomes to develop their respective debating communities. The Scholarship Programme also aims to increase the diversity within Malaysia Worlds 2015 and foster critical discourse on a more inclusive platform.


Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:
(a) Financial need of applicants,
(b) Potential for personal growth of applicants,
(c) Applicants’ desire to use their experience to help foster development in their respective debating communities, and
(d) Increasing the pool of diversity in Malaysia Worlds 2015.

Travel costs will be covered proportionally on the basis of need and according to the available funding of applicants.


Interested applicants may download the registration form at the following link:

Upon completion, send the completed form to along with the applicant’s curriculum vitae (CV) and any other supporting documents that you believe is relevant to your application. Applicants will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your application.

Scholarship may only be allocated in team slots. Thus, both speakers of each team must submit their individual application to receive the scholarship allocation.

The deadline for submission is on 11 June 2014 (Wednesday) at 8pm (GMT +8). No late submissions will be tolerated.

Results of the application will be posted on 16 June 2014 (Monday).

Applicants do not have to previously register via the normal registration process for Malaysia Worlds 2015. If your institution has already received an allocation of team slots via the normal registration process, applying for the WUDC Scholarship Programme also does not automatically revoke your allocation of slots.

Only once you have been successfully granted a scholarship, the Registration Team will remove your previously allocated team slots as we have already reserved slots for Scholarship Teams in the registration list.

Successful applicants will be given further instructions by the Scholarship Team in moving forward with the Programme.


Scholarship recipients will enjoy a two-day pre-WUDC workshop led and taught by accomplished speakers and trainers. The full list of trainers will be published closer to the tournament date.

We also structuring the Scholarship Programme to include participation in our local pre-Worlds, the annual Kuala Lumpur Open Challenge 2014 hosted by Asia Pacific University. Registration fee will be borne by the Scholarship Programme. We believe this will be a conducive platform for scholarship recipients to practice the learning outcomes of the workshop.

For further inquiries on any matter related to our scholarship programme, kindly e-mail our team at or at

Final Call for Registered Institutions to Complete the FastRego Phase of Registration

Dear all,

This is a final reminder to all institution reps to register for Malaysia Worlds via FastRego.

The registration deadline is on the 25th of May 2014 at 11.59PM (GMT +8), thus institutions have three more days left to complete the process.

Head on over to to register. Full instructions on how to do so have been sent to all representatives in past e-mails.

Listed below are the names of institutions that have been allocated teams in Phase 2 but have not yet completed Phase 3 of registration:

International Islamic University Malaysia
Victoria University of Wellington
Imperial College London
University of the Philippines - Manila
Atma Jaya Catholic University
University of the Witwatersrand
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Bauman University
Utrecht University
Queen's Debating Union
National University of Singapore
University College Cork Philosophical Society (UCC-Phil)
Tilbury House
Roosevelt Debating Society
Porto University
American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)
Warsaw School of Economics
Paris 5 Descartes Sorbonne Paris Cité
Dimitrie Cantemir University
ASDV Bonaparte
Beijing Foreign Studies University
University Malaysia Sabah
Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University
Wilfrid Laurier University
Swarthmore College
University of La Verne
Texas A&M University Qatar
Sciences Po - Campus of Le Havre
Tec de Monterrey Campus Estado de México
Singapore Management University
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
University of Edinburgh
Fergusson College
SolBridge International School of Business
Higher School of Economics Nizhniy Novgorod
University of the Philippines Diliman
Smith College Debate Society
University of Saskatchewan
Government Law College, Mumbai
Ball State University
Asian University for Women
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak
Wawasan University
Mykolas Romeris University (MRU)
Institute of Chartered Accounts of England And Wales
University of Detroit Mercy
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
University of Namibia
Minerva University
Tshwane University of Technology Garankuwa Campus
Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
University of Santo Tomas
ISM University of Management and Economics (ISM)
Jahangirnagar University
University of Zimbabwe
Stockholm University
University of Wollongong
ADA University
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Purdue University
Punjabi University
Plekhanov REU
University of Portharcourt
Khujand State University
University of Calabar
Moscow Aviation Institute
Eötvös Loránd University
Goethe University
University of Turku Debating Club
Kazakh University of Technology and Business
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten)
University of Westminster
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
Universität Heidelberg
University of the Punjab (Quaid e Azam campus)
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe (ITESM CSF)
University of Windsor
Mashal Institute of Higher Education
Coimbra University
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
The George Washington University
Unical Debate Club
Wageningen University
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
University College Lahore
Ahmad Dahlan University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Punjab Technical University
University of Bielefeld
Cross River University of Technology
Jacobs University Bremen
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
University of Johannesburg
Xidian University
Zambia Debating Union
University of Helsinki
Qatar University
RWTH Aachen University
Copenhagen Business School
Russian Academy of Justice
Malmö Högskolan
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Voronezh Debate Club
Astana University
Jönköping University
Malawi Universities Debate Association (MUDA)
Hanse Debating Union
Indian Institute of Technology Khragpur
Financial Academy Kazakhstan
Kyrgyz National University
Texas State University
Perguruan Tinggi Teknokrat
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Lisbon University
Hawaii Pacific University
Suleyman Demirel University<

Please be reminded that failure to complete the FastRego phase of registration will result in the forfeiture of allocated team slots to your institution.

Kindly circulate the above list of institutions to enable us to bring the matter to the attention of all relevant parties.

For further queries, our team can be contacted via and For any tech errors related to the use of FastRego, kindly e-mail for troubleshooting assistance.

Independent Adjudicator Announcement

Dear WUDC Community,

On May 24th 2014, we will be opening the first stage of independent adjudicator applications (the 'June round'). Those who wish to attend Malaysia WUDC as an independent adjudicator, whether or not they wish to receive a subsidy from the tournament, will need to apply by June 24th to be considered in this round. We expect to make offers from this pool of applicants by the end of July.

A second round of applications will occur in September (the September round), and at least RM50,000 worth of funding will be held over for this pool of offers. Applicants who do not receive an offer in the June round of applications will be reconsidered for this round of offers; and may submit an updated application. We will also consider new applications from those who did not apply in the June round.

This two-wave application process will allow us to more efficiently allocate adjudicator funding by enabling individuals who are willing to commit to coming to Malaysia Worlds early to receive confirmations of funding at a time when they can book cheaper flights. We anticipate allocating a total of RM200,000 in funding, to cover both registration waivers and travel subsidies for successful applicants.

We intend to make offers for travel subsidies to applicants in Malaysian ringgit. Subsidies will be available in cash from the first day of the tournament (December 27th 2014), and ringgit can be readily exchanged for a variety of other currencies at banks and local airports in and outside Malaysia. If you believe that receiving your subsidy in ringgit at the tournament would be practically unworkable in your specific circumstances, we request that you let us know in your application.

Please note that we are not directly offering adjudicator spots in excess of n-1 to institutions. Instead, if your institution wishes to send more than n-1 judges, these judges should apply in one of the rounds of independent adjudicator applications, indicating that they have an institution willing to fund their place. This means that we will have a large number of independent adjudicator spots to offer, many of which will be offered without funding. We very much encourage individuals who will not require funding as adjudicators, because their institution is willing to fund them, to apply.

The application form will be released for the June round on May 24th. We look forward to welcoming you to Kuala Lumpur in December!

If you have further questions, please email


Jonathan Leader-Maynard, Shafiq Bazari, Danique van Koppenhagen, Sebastian Templeton, Engin Arikan, Brett Frazer and Madeline Schultz

Phase 3 of Registration Closes on the 25th of May 2014

To all institutional representatives,

Please note that we have launched Phase 3 of Registration which requires all institutions to register once again via FastRego. This should only be done if your institution has successfully registered during Phase 2. To confirm the status of your registration in Phase 2, kindly refer to the following list:

To do so, log in to your FastRego account at the following link:

If you do not previously have a FastRego account, below is a step-by-step instructional on how to set up a registration account with FastRego:

(1) Go to the above link.
(2) Click on the "Sign up" below the Login form if you haven't already created an account, sign in if you have already created the account for previous tournaments. The following steps are for those who are yet to set up their FastRego account.
(3) Fill in your name, a valid email address (this will be used for account confirmation), a valid phone number that we can use to reach you, and password and sign up for an account by clicking the 'Sign Up' button.
(4) If you have provided a valid email address, you will receive an email that asks you to confirm your account with FastRego. Click on that link to confirm your account.
(5) You will be signed in to FastRego, and asked to proceed to the institution list to set yourself as the team manager for an institution.
(6) If your institution's name appears on this list, click on the 'Add team manager' link to the right of your institution's name, and add yourself as the team manager.
(7) If your institution's name does not appear on the list, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Click here to add your institution now" link. Fill in the details on this page to add a new institution to the institutions list and then add yourself as the team manager of this institution.
(8) You will be directed to a page where you can record the number of teams, adjudicators and observers your institution requested (we will check to ensure that you recorded the same numbers that you sent us during registration).
(9) We will update your allocation as per our allocation list published online.

We hope the instructions were sufficiently clear. If you require assistance on the matter, kindly e-mail for further guidance.

As we are launching Phase 3 of Registration behind schedule, we will be extending the registration deadline until the 25th of May 2014 (Sunday). Institutions who fail to abide by the deadline will be forfeiting their team slots.

Alternative Communication Medium for Institution Reps

Hi all,

Our team has received feedback from institution reps surrounding the inability of their server to receive e-mails from our designated e-mail address.

Unfortunately, this has been the cause of many delays in communication and we sincerely apologise for that.

In order to address this issue, we have introduced an alternative G-mail e-mail address for your correspondence with the Malaysia Worlds Org Comm.

We are contactable via the following address: All future e-mails will be sent through the G-mail server.

Kindly note that our previous e-mail addresses are still working and are interchangeable with the above e-mail address. If you have been receiving e-mails from the Org Comm, you are not required to switch your correspondence to the new e-mail address.

We will be re-sending our last few notifications to institution representatives. If you are affected by the delay in communication in any way possible, do not hesitate to e-mail us at the above address and we will accommodate your concerns to the best of our abilities.

Announcement of Team Allocations

Hi all,

We'd like to thank the global debating community for your interest in Malaysia Worlds 2015. The much awaited registration list is ready - you will find the link below.

We have made an initial allocation of 410 teams in accordance with our registration policy as well as an allocation of 233 adjudicators.

The adj spots have been allocated to the institutions that are most likely to receive an additional team in the future and thus send adjudicators to meet their N-1 requirements. Therefore, they are also allocated according to the registration priority list.

If any data has been recorded incorrectly, we'd urge institution representatives to contact our Registration Team at to request for any relevant amendments.

There are a number of institutions that are highlighted within the list, this means that we require clarification from you regarding several key registration details. Institutional reps have been contacted by our Registration Team in the last 48 hours to make those clarifications.

With that said, we will be launching Phase 3 of Registration which is FastRego Registration very soon. All successfully registered institutions are required to make an account via FastRego as soon as the system is set up.

An e-mail has been sent to all institution reps detailing the above information as well as instructions on how to set up a FastRego account for institutions who are unfamiliar with the system. However, the system is not yet ready to accept a large flow of registration at the present time. We will be notifying institution reps when Phase 3 of Registration begins.

All invoices, payment details as well as the general invitation letter will be sent out to institution reps in the next 24 hours.

We'd like to thank every one for the wonderful response and as always, our team is ready to assist as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact or for further inquiries.

Registration Opens!

The much anticipated registration for Malaysia Worlds 2015 is now officially open.

Please register your institution at the following link:

Registration will remain open until 19 April 2014 at 10am Malaysian time (GMT +8).
The clean list of successfully registered institutions will be released as soon as possible but no later than 23 April 2014.

For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to e-mail our team at

Registration Opens On 16 April 2014

Dear World Debating Community,

Malaysia Worlds 2015 will officially open registration on 16 April 2014 (Wednesday) at 10am (UTC/GMT +8).


The Malaysia Worlds 2015 team is happy to affirm (as was promised at Chennai Worlds 2014) that our tournament team cap will be expanded to 440 teams in total. Out of which, 30 team slots will be reserved for teams applying under our WUDC Scholarship Programme. Thus, we will be allocating 410 team slots for Malaysia Worlds 2015.

The registration fee for each debater and adjudicator is set at EUR380 per person and for each observer is set at EUR800 per person. Payment details will be made available on our website in the near future.

Registration Timeline

Phase 1: Pre-Registration (until 14 April)

The following document is the data compilation of:
(a) all of the institutions who have attended any of the prior 3 WUDCs; and
(b) the number of teams those institutions have broken, in any language category, during those 3 years.

This document will determine the position of your institution in the waiting list for team allocations. Thus, we ask for all institutions to review the document and inform our team if there are any mistakes in the data compilation.

You may access the document at this link:

Please send the Registration Team an e-mail addressing those errors at The deadline to inform us if there are any corrections will be on 14 April 2014 (Monday).

Phase 2: Initial Google Doc Registration (16 April – 19 April)

The first phase of registration will be done via Google Docs. This is because its unlimited server capacity is best fitted to handle the concentration of registration attempts made once registration opens.

The Google Doc Registration Form will be made live on 16 April 2014 (Wednesday) at 10am (UTC/GMT +8) and will remain open for 72 hours. Registration will officially close on 19 April 2014 at 10am (UTC/GMT +8).

Initial registration results will be posted as soon as we possibly can but no later than 23 April 2014 (Wednesday). Payment invoices along with payment details will be sent to all institutional representatives on the same day.

Phase 3: FastRego Registration (until 5 May)

All institutions will have been informed of their registration status by the commencement of this phase and will be required to register an account on FastRego by 5 May 2014 (Monday). A registration link will be provided on our website along with the initial registration results.

Teams that fail to complete this phase will be forfeiting their registration slots.

Phase 4: Payment Deposit (until 30 May)

A deposit of 50% of the total registration fees has to be made by 30 May 2014 (Friday). Institutions may also opt to make the full registration fee payment as well. This payment phase is only considered complete upon uploading a proof of transfer unto the institution's FastRego account. Failure to complete this phase before the stated deadline will result in the forfeiture of the institution's registration slots.

Any institution allocated a place after 30 May 2014 will have until 20 June 2014 to pay their deposits.

Phase 5: Full Payment (until 25 July)

Full payment will be required by 25 July 2014 (Friday). Any institution that has not paid in full will forfeit any of their unpaid places and may lose their deposits.

Any institution allocated a place after 25 July will have until 22 August 2014 (Friday) to make the full payment. Phase 6: Participants’ Details (until 31 October)

All participants will have until the 31 October 2014 (Friday) to fill in their personal details (on FastRego) which includes their dietary requirements, travel details, rooming preferences or risk not having any of their preferences catered to during the period of the tournament.

Registration Policy

As per Council ratification, the registration policy of Malaysia Worlds 2015 will operate on the balance of achieving diversity and ensuring the competitive quality of WUDC.

(a) Diversity: We aim to allocate one team slot to every institution in the registration list before we begin to allocate second teams.

(b) Quality: A "Registration Priority" List based on the competitive strength of institutions in the past 3 WUDCs will be formed. Teams will be allocated in accordance to that list.

Institutions on the list will be prioritised based on the average number of teams from that institution that has made the break in any language category over the past 3 WUDCs.

Institutions with the same average will be ordered within that group by random.

A host institution of WUDC will have their performance averaged for 2 out of the past 3 years so as to exempt them from competition on the year they hosted WUDC.

In tandem with Chennai WUDC's registration policy, we would also like to similarly implement the following elements into our registration policy:

(1) Institutions with an average that is higher than 0.00 (i.e. institutions that have broken at least one team in the past 3 WUDCs) will receive their second team and institutions with an average of higher than 1.50 will receive their third team before institutions with an average of 0.00 receives a second team.

This policy reflects the commitment towards increasing the competitive quality of WUDC. For institutions that have broken an average of 1.5 teams or greater, at least half of their delegation from the past 3 years has broken at WUDC. We think these institutions are highly likely to bring third teams that would significantly add to the quality of the competition.

(2) Institutions that have not sent any teams to participate in the past 3 WUDCs are limited to the allocation of 1 team during registration. This is because all institutions with an average of 0.00 (i.e. institutions that have not broken a team at any of the past 3 WUDC) will have an equal chance of being ranked at the top of their group. Given this fact, we believe that institutions that have shown a commitment to WUDC and regularly attended WUDC should be prioritised for a second team allocation over brand new institutions. Having stated that, these new institutions may still request for more than one team but will only receive a second team allocation if the entire waiting list has been exhausted.

For the purposes of clarity and for a better understanding on how the above allocation system will operate, institutions may observe the following categories of allocation priority:

Institutions with a break average of 1.5 and higher – Bracket A Priority Institutions with a break average of above 0.00 – Bracket B Priority Institutions with a break average of 0.0 that has attended any of the past 3 WUDCs – Bracket C Priority Institutions with a break average of 0.0 that has not attended any of the past 3 WUDCs – Bracket D Priority

The following document has been drafted to demonstrate how the registration system allocates teams based on the above categories:

Registration Form

All institutions can request up to 3 teams on the registration form. The remaining number of teams that are not granted will be placed on the waiting list.

Malaysia Worlds 2015 will enforce an n-1 judging requirement. This means that any institution that sends 2 teams must also send 1 judge and any institution that sends 1 team is not required to send an institutional judge.

However, institutions will be able to note on the registration form if they wish to send additional judges, should they wish to do so. Your request will be catered to after the registration process has been completed and after we have ascertained our capacity to accommodate more institutional judges.

Independent Judges

Individuals that are not affiliated with an institution and want to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015 can apply to do so at a later date. Further details will be available on our website at a later date.

WUDC Scholarship Programme

Applications for scholarship will tentatively open on 5 May 2014 (Monday). We will establish a separate Scholarship Committee to disseminate information regarding the application process and guidelines. Details will be made available in the near future.

"Come-and-Watch" Packages

Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Malaysia Worlds 2015 will also have a tourism partnership program for friends and families of participants to join in on the fun! We will providing "Come-and-Watch" packages for interested applicants to observe the tournament portion of Malaysia Worlds for a few days before they embark on a full-fledged Malaysian holiday. The packages will be comprised of several holiday options for you to choose from at very affordable prices as well as access to the tournament to watch your friends or families in action. More information will be made available on our website in the future.

For any further inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to

Announcement of DCAs!

Dear World Debating Community,

We are delighted to be announcing the following individuals as the selected Deputy Chief Adjudicators for Malaysia Worlds 2015:

-  Danique Van Koppenhagen
-  Sebastian Templeton
-  Engin Arikan
-  Brett Frazer
-  Madeline Schultz

Congratulations to the above applicants and commiserations to those who were not selected. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the applicants for their participation and to everyone who contributed feedback to this process.

We were highly impressed with the quality of the applications we received and the extensive feedback provided by the debating community has made our decisions even more difficult. But we trust that the outstanding individuals selected will make for an excellent adjudication team and we greatly look forward to the opportunity to work with them for Malaysia Worlds 2015.

Best regards,

Shafiq Bazari

Jonathan Leader Maynard
Chief Adjudicators, Malaysia Worlds 2015

New Updates!

Dear World Debating Community,

We are pleased to bring you another round of updates from the Malaysia Worlds 2015 Organising Committee!

1. Official Airline Partner

We have officially signed an agreement with One World Alliance to become the Official Airline of Malaysia Worlds 2015.

The following participating airlines will offer all prospective participants a range of travel discounts from 5% to 25% for return tickets to Malaysia on the travel dates of Malaysia Worlds 2015:

-  Malaysia Airlines
-  British Airways
-  American Airlines
-  Qatar Airways
-  Qantas
-  Cathay Pacific
-  Japan Airlines
-  Air Berlin
-  Finnair
-  Iberia
-  LAN Airlines
-  Royal Jardanian
-  S7 Airlines

All of these airlines collectively serves 850 departure spots to Malaysia covering over 150 countries in 6 continents. Three out of only six airlines in the world that has received the 5-star rating by SKYTRAX are in the One World Alliance.

Successfully registered teams will be provided a promotional code which must be used at the point of purchase to gain access to the provisioned travel discounts. Our Travel Officer at will oversee and assist participants in this process. The same contact point will be used to assist participants who require immigration assistance.

2. Official Hotel

The extraordinary Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur will be the Official Hotel of Malaysia Worlds 2015 and we will be housing all of our participants in the same hotel.

This 5-star hotel boasts one of the largest living spaces you can find in Malaysian hotels as all standard rooms are accompanied by its own living room. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and within short walking distance to the monorail station, Berjaya Times Square Hotel will provide our participants great access to many local attractions.

It is also directly connected to the colossal Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall which is the 13th largest shopping mall in the world. It is a massive 7.5 million-sq ft shopping mall that houses an indoor theme park, cinemas, spa facilities, great food and over 1,000 shoplots that will provide for the best Malaysian shopping experience under one roof. It is also in walking distance to great tourist spots such as the Bintang Walk, the Petronas Twin Tower and the Actors’ Studio.

3. Tournament Venue

We have been able to relocate our tournament venue to a newer UT MARA campus located in Puncak Alam. With brand-new, spacious and fully air-conditioned facilities; we are able to provide all of our participants a much more pleasant experience during the preliminary rounds.

With five buildings spanning 200 classrooms all connected to each other, participants will enjoy a shorter walking distance to their debate rooms without having to step outside of the building. The location is easy to navigate and one runner will be assigned to each room to ensure that no participant will have to waste away time in locating their debate rooms.

4. Malaysia Night in Chennai

The Organising Team is fresh off a visit to Chennai and would like to thank the Chennai WUDC Team for their help and hospitality during our stay.

We have finalised the arrangements for Malaysia Night and we are happy to announce that it will take place in the luxurious 5-star Le Royal Meridien Hotel.

Over twenty different finger-food dishes will be served, including specialty Malaysian cuisine. There will also be a free-flow serving of all kinds of beverages throughout the night. Malaysia Night merchandises will be distributed as well as booths that allow participants to take part in local custom will be set up to give everyone a uniquely Malaysian experience.

In the near future, the ratification report by our team will be made available for online circulation and will be distributed during Pre-Council at Chennai Worlds as well.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at Visit our website, our Facebook page “Malaysia Worlds 2015” or our Twitter account @MalaysiaWorlds2015 to follow our updates!

Call for Feedback on DCA Applicants!

Malaysia Worlds 2015

World Universities Debating Championships Deputy Chief Adjudicators
Call for Feedback - Malaysia Worlds 2015
Feedback Deadline: 11.59pm, 30th November 2013


Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that the following fourteen people have applied to be considered for the position of Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Malaysia Worlds 2015. We are now asking the world debating community to submit feedback, regarding the suitability of these candidates for the position of WUDC Deputy Chief Adjudicator:

- Engin Arikan (Middle East/Africa)
- Sarah Balakrishnan (The Americas)
- Brett Frazer (The Americas)
- Paul Gross (The Americas)
- Paul Karp (Australasia)
- Ngcwele Khumalo (Middle East/Africa)
- Dessislava Kirova (Continental Europe)
- Buzz Klinger (The Americas)
- Danique van Koppenhagen (Continental Europe)
- Romeo Maione (The Americas)
- Paidamwoyo Mangondo (Middle East/Africa)
- Arlán A. Narváez-Vaz R. (The Americas)
- Madeline Jennifer Schultz (Australasia)
- Sebastian Templeton (Australasia)

To make our selections effectively, we need the help of the world debating community to gather as much meaningful feedback as possible. As such, we wish to encourage all who may have useful feedback to send it to us at Feedback should be fair-minded, and relevant: informing us of candidates abilities to fulfill the role of DCA with excellence. Ideally feedback should make reference to the abilities referred to in our original call for applications, namely: organizational ability, motion-setting, debate adjudication, knowledge of and ability to bring judges from their debating circuit to worlds and skills at supporting debating development.

There is no form for feedback - please just send your comments with the subject heading "Feedback" to Please ensure that it is abundantly clear which of the candidates you are offering individual pieces of feedback on. All feedback will be treated as strictly confidential - only we, as the tournament's chief adjudicators, will ever read it.

We are excited to have such a high quality pool of candidates for the post of DCA, though it leaves us with some extremely difficult decisions to make. The deadline for feedback is 11.59pm, 30th November. We will announce our selections, on and the Malaysia Worlds facebook page, in the first week of December.

Many thanks,

Shafiq Bazari

Jonathan Leader Maynard
Chief Adjudicators, Malaysia Worlds 2015

Call For DCA Applications!

World Universities Debating Championships Deputy Chief Adjudicators
Call for Applications - Malaysia Worlds 2015
Submission Deadline: 31st October 2013


Dear all,

We are pleased to inform the World Debating Community that applications for the positions of Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Malaysia Worlds 2015 are now open.

We hope to select our DCAs from a large pool of applications, and therefore strongly encourage applications from all who believe they would be able to fill the role of a Worlds DCA with excellence. In general, candidates should:

1. Be able to commit to being at the tournament, and to travel to Malaysia shortly before its formal start date.
2. Have excellent organizational ability – the capacity to help with the running of the competition and the ability to work well as part of a team.
3. Be skilled at motion-setting - coming up with interesting and fair motions and critiquing motions (including their own).
4. Possess considerable adjudication experience – DCAs should be good adjudicators, able to make correct decisions and provide high-quality feedback to participants.
5. Have broad, current and non-prejudicial knowledge of their regional debating circuit, and be able to encourage quality adjudicators to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015.
6. Be willing to support debating development – continuing the legacy set by past worlds, it is our intention to offer training workshops and a scholarship programme in the run-up to Malaysia Worlds 2015, and to support regional debating circuits in promoting the spread of debating to new countries. As such we would value applicants who would participate enthusiastically in such efforts (see application form for more details).

Because being a good DCA typically requires extensive experience of international debating, we would generally expect applicants to have broken as a speaker or a judge at an international tournament. This is not, however, an absolute precondition.

We guarantee a diverse adjudication core, and guarantee that at least one DCA will have a background in ESL or EFL debating. Our intention is to appoint:

1. One DCA from Continental Europe
2. One DCA from Africa or the Middle East
3. One DCA from the Americas
4. One DCA from Australasia

We may, in addition, appoint as an additional DCA the individual submitting the strongest application we receive who is not selected via slots 1-4, regardless of their regional background.

Unlike our promises to ensure AdjCore diversity, and ESL/EFL representation, this planned allocation of DCA slots is not an absolute guarantee, but it is a serious statement of our intentions. In accordance with promises made at Berlin Worlds Council 2013, we feel it is important for Chief Adjudicators to appoint the best possible AdjCore for WUDC, and if we receive a dearth of applications meeting the DCA criteria from a region, it would be a breach of that duty to appoint someone regardless. But we do not expect such a circumstance to occur - every region in world debating has numerous individuals who could be quality Worlds DCAs, and if they apply, we will be able to produce the AdjCore structure outlined above. Importantly, these intentions should not deter applicants from other regions (e.g. ‘IONA’ or Asia) from submitting applications.

To apply, please fill in and email a completed application form (available for download here) to Applications will close at 11.59pm (GMT) on 31st October 2013.

As with previous Worlds, we will be soliciting feedback on applicants from the World Debating Community. The feedback period will open at the start of November, when we post the list of applicants, and will run until November 21st. We will announce our selections shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the DCA’s role or application procedure, please contact us at

Best wishes,

Shafiq Bazari

Jonathan Leader Maynard
Chief Adjudicators, Malaysia Worlds 2015

Hi all,

The Malaysia Worlds 2015 team is gearing up towards Chennai WUDC and we will be releasing regular update packets all the way until the end of December. All relevant information and more will be available at

We're excited to give you our first round of updates:

Whilst we have previously had the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism, we are happy to announce that the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have now joined our ranks as supporters of Malaysia Worlds 2015. We trust that this will open up more doors for the tournament to improve its financial standing and we look forward to reflecting that in time for Chennai WUDC!

We have also confirmed a scholarship program for Malaysia Worlds 2015 with an approved funding of RM100,000 (approx. EUR23,000 or USD31,000). Grants will be given to applicants from underdeveloped debating nations and this will cover a portion of their travel costs, registration fees as well as the hosting of a pre-Worlds workshop with a panel of world-class trainers. A separate Grant Committee will be established to handle all matters pertaining to the application process.

We have established extensive ties with the Ministry of Home Affairs and they will be setting up an exclusive liaison to deal with visa applications from prospective Malaysia Worlds participants. This will extend to all future participants, irrespective of their nationalities. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Convenor, Mai Mokhsein at

Lastly, watch this space for quick updates. We will be releasing many more update packets in the weeks to come!

Welcome To Malaysia Worlds 2015 !

Dear World Debating Community,

It is my pleasure to present to you UT MARA's bid for the World Universities Debating Championship 2015!

For the longest time, UT MARA has contemplated the possibility of hosting Worlds and the prospect of it scares us. However, when the university has pledged unwavering support for its hosting, when the government has undertaken the obligation to fully sponsor its operations and when the entire Debating Society vows to commit their heart and soul into its organization; these daunting responsibilities have become exciting milestones.

We are eager to provide you with the finest food, accommodation and social venues that Malaysia has to offer. We are placing Malaysia Worlds 2015 across three of the greatest cities in Malaysia – Subang, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. With an exceptionally diverse Malaysian culture, extraordinary Malaysian cuisine and amazing locations to be unearthed; we are raring to amaze the world debating community of our finds.

We are an experienced unit with the hosting of UT MARA Australs 2007 and UT MARA Australs 2013 as well as the four tournament that we unfailingly host every year. Yet we are constantly learning and are preparing to bring you the best, in time for Malaysia Worlds 2015.

Malaysia is home to a vibrant and ever-growing debating community with new institutions coming forth every debate season and every available weekend being dominated by a debating tournament. Debate fatigue reaches a new height in Malaysia with an aggregate of forty-five tournaments just in 2012. But with this colossal following, many of these local institutions do not have the means to participate in Worlds with only a handful of institutions partaking in every other installation of Worlds. Malaysia Worlds 2015 would provide an invaluable opportunity for the local community to not only participate; but watch the world's greatest debaters or even volunteer to be part of this exceptional experience.

With the trust of the debating community, UT MARA is determined not to disappoint and to deliver on our promises. We hope to have you on board for Malaysia Worlds 2015!

Malaysia Truly Asia


Value For Money

Malaysia often attracts record event attendance due to its affordability, locality, and easy accessibility, especially for visitors from developing countries. Malaysia has favourable currency conversion, giving both visitors and event organizers a lot more by paying a lot less.

Socio – Political Stability

The unique Malaysia with diverse culture is by nature a peace-loving community. Celebrating its 55th Independence on 2012, Malaysian remains living with peace and harmony. Malaysia provides safe and stable environment for international visitors.

• "Top 20 ( 20th) in the Global Peace Index and 2nd among Asian countries" (Institute for Economics and Peace, Economist Intelligence Unit)
• "Malaysia is ranked 8th in 'happiest country' ranking list of a World Happiness Report." The Earth Institute, Columbia University. • "Ranked 37th Best Countries in 2010" Newsweek
• "Top 10 Friendliest Countries in the World and no 1 in Asia" HSBC Bank International's Expat Explorer Survey 2011
• "Ranked 4th as Best Shopping Destination in the World".

Unique Cultural Diversity

Malaysia is home to Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other distinct ethnicities which culminate into our rich and diverse cultural experience. Its peaceful and harmonic environment together with our social fabric based on the mutual understanding of differences creates a unique, colorful Malaysian culture. It can be reflected in its extraordinary fusion of food, festivals, architecture, art and lifestyle.


Located in South-East Asia, Malaysian enjoys a warm tropical weather all year round with balmy evenings, perfect outdoor eating, night markets and late night shopping. Just put on your jeans and shirts or any of your comfortable khakis and enjoy the green beautiful scenery of Malaysia.

Delegates can also choose to be in the comfort of air-conditioned venues and accommodation facilities during their stay.

Pre and post activities

Malaysia is rich with exciting tourism sites. Delegates are free to tailor their own pre and post touring plan to suit their own preferences. Options includes exploring the UNESCO world heritage and cultural sites such as Penang and Melaka, enjoy the beautiful beaches and island resorts in places such as Langkawi, Pangkor or any of the magnificent islands around Sabah and Sarawak, trekking through some of the oldest tropical forests and exploring indigenous cultures of the natives in Pahang, Sabah or Sarawak, or indulge in diverse and stylish urban lifestyle experiences in Kuala Lumpur such as late night shopping for local arts, crafts or feasting various options of local delegacies. Travelling in Malaysia made easy by its compactness and various options of means of transportation with mainstream and low cost airlines services.

Malaysia Worlds 2015 is destined for success. The Malaysian uniqueness as a country, together with modern facilities, infrastructure and all the expertise available will lead to the smooth planning of WUDC 2015 and leave the world debating community with an irreplaceable Malaysian experience.

Why Malaysia?


• "Selamat Datang"- Welcome to Malaysia!

Malaysia is a country well-known for its diversity in terms of culture, religion and of course, its people. It is apparent in our sights, sounds, food and our 41 different languages. With a population of more than 27.5 million people comprised of many different races, it is the 43rd most populated country in the world. Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia are separated by the effervescent South China Sea.

Sabah and Sarawak are in East Malaysia and have many beautiful islands untouched by human civilization. Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea off the Malaysian Coast of Borneo was the set of the TV series Survivor Season 1 and has received many critical acclaim for its beauty and magnificence of flora and fauna. And this is just one of the many islands Malaysia has to offer. Malaysia is not just a country filled with natural elements.

Kuala Lumpur, the main commercial and financial centre, provides a clash of the different elements in terms of entertainment, its night life and such. The liveliness in central Kuala Lumpur is all day long, all year round, creating a world of its own. The many different street markets are proof to such a richly-cultured society. We have our very own Chinatown which is Petaling Street. Our Little India is located in Masjid India and these markets operate until the wee hours of the morning where tourists and locals come and enjoy what these markets have to offer.





• Georgetown, Penang

Penang's multi-cultural composition ensures a succession of colourful, exciting festivals and celebrations that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Considering the number of special events, festivals, celebrations, gods and deities' birthdays and religious occasions among the three main race groups (Malays, Chinese and Indians) when one big celebration is finished, another is just about to begin. For Malaysians, this town is all about food; the best street food in Southeast Asia. There are a few nice historical attractions too!

• Malacca

As the oldest trading port in Malaysia, this town hosted a wide array of international traders: Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Indian, and Chinese, all of whom left their stamp. Malacca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. A town filled with history and a clash of culture, apparent in its infrastructures, which is also relative to the urban lifetsyle. The highlight of Melaka for tourists would be Jonker Street, A Famosa and the famous Francis Xavier Church. In 2008 UNESCO listed Malacca as a World Heritage Site. Besides the many beautiful historical sites Malacca is also well known for its great food. Everywhere that you look you will find places to eat and experts claim the best local dishes in Malaysia originates from Malacca.

• Kuching, Sarawak

This romantic Borneo outpost, with quaint tropical-colonial architecture, picturesque back streets, and a pretty riverfront, has upped its hip quotient, hosting international music festivals, opening trendy hangouts and eateries, adding a few cosmopolitan hotels, and upgrading its tourism infrastructure.

• Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, is the capital of Sabah as well as the capital of the West Coast Division of Sabah. Strategically situated in the Northwest Coast of Borneo Island, facing the South China Sea and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on one side, and set against the backdrop of Mount Kinabalu; this beautiful "Nature Resort City" stretches for miles along the coast and towards the inland.



• Sipadan Island, Sabah

The internationally famous island of Sipadan lies five degrees north of the equator in the Sulawesi Sea (Celebes Sea). Lying 35km south of Semporna on Sabah's mainland, like many tropical islands, it is thickly forested and surrounded by sandy beaches. Sipadan is an oceanic island and was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct undersea volcano, which rises 600m from the seabed.

• Perhentian Islands, Terengganu

The Perhentian Islands are two islands named Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Perhentian Besar which is translated as "place to stop" in Malay and this is exactly what these two islands were for traders travelling between Malaysia and Bangkok in years gone by. These islands are still a gorgeous place to stop by and rest today, albeit for tourists disconnecting from the stress and routine of everyday life and not for weary seafaring traders.

• Langkawi

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia's west coast. Surrounded by turquoise sea, the interior of the main island is a mixture of picturesque paddy fields and jungle-clad hills. If you're intent on carting off duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate, then this is the place to be. Still, Nature-lovers will find the island just as agreeable as the shoreline is fringed by powder-fine sand and swaying coconut trees.

• Pulau Tioman Island, Pahang

About 36 nautical mile off Malaysia's east coast lies Pulau Tioman, or Tioman Island a tear-shape paradise. An enduring and tranquil island, Tioman Island boasts miles and miles of white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, charming villages and friendly people. Its crystal clear water promise spectacular marine life and colorful coral gardens. The striking profile of the twin peaks of Gunung Nenek Semukut provides a markable landmark to this beautiful island reputed to be one of the most beautiful and idyllic islands in the world.



• Genting Highland

Genting Highlands is the most developed of the hill resorts in Malaysia, and was founded in 1965. Situated 54 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is the perfect escape for those seeking relaxation and entertainment in a cool montane setting. Genting Highlands offers a lot of attractions such as an international class casino, international standard hotels, and fun and excitement at the Genting Indoor Theme Park and Outdoor Theme Park.

• Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi provides pleasant breaks for the weary travelers to the Far East. After all the exciting adventures in the hot and humid climate, what's more refreshing than a quiet stay in some of the hill resorts, where one could sit in an open verandah sipping freshly brewed tea or indulging in cream-soaked fresh strawberries. The Colmar Tropicale, a resort in Bukit Tinggi is a French-themed resort seated majestically on 80 acres of lush forestland, hovering 2,000 feet above sea level. Below, the luscious spread of the Pahang mountain range can be savoured in all its glory.

• Cameroon Highland

Situated at 1520m above sea level, this is Malaysia's green bowl supplying vegetables to the major cities of the country and to Singapore. The cool climate makes it an excellent tea growing area and indeed the Cameron tea is highly prized in the world market. With temperatures ranging between 25 and 10 degrees Celsius, this place is popular all year round with tourists. Places of interest are the Robinson Falls, the Rose Garden nurseries and the strawberry and vegetable farms. A visit to the tea plantation is well worthwhile, to see how one of the world's favourite beverages is processed fresh from the plantations. Stroll around and admire the old colonial buildings such as the Old Smokehouse. This hill station is surrounded by jungles and trails are marked for jungle trekking. There are various villages inhabited by Orang Asli. There is also a golf course.

• Fraser Hills

Rising 1,500 meters above sea-level on the Titiwangsa mountain range of Peninsular Malaysia is Fraser's Hill. Named after a solitary Scottish pioneer, James Fraser, who set up a tin-ore trading post in the 1890s, it actually consists of seven hills. Fraser's Hill is truly an idyllic place for one to rest and to escape from not only the heat and humidity but also the hustle and bustle of city life. It is perhaps the prettiest of the Malaysian Hill resorts. It has many attractions within and around the area. There is a nature education centre where visitors can learn about the flora and fauna of the area. Bird watching is a very popular pastime and Fraser's Hill is the venue of the annual Bird Race which attracts many foreign omithologists.

Religious/Cultural Sites


• Masjid Negara, National Mosque.

Masjid Negara, Malaysia's National Mosque located in Kuala Lumpur, is the nationwide symbol of Islam. Comprising a main prayer hall with 48 smaller domes around it, it has a capacity of 15,000 people and is situated among 13 acres (53,000 m2) of beautiful gardens. Its key features are a 73-metre-high minaret and an 16-pointed star concrete main roof and is reminiscent of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, featuring abstract shapes and geometric lattice incorporated into its roofing and ironworks. The Grand Hall is undoubtedly the most intricate part of the mosque with verses from the Koran decorating the walls.

• Kek Lok Si Temple

The Kek Lok Si Temple is a Buddhist temple situated in Air Itam in Penang and is one of the best known temples on the island and the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The temple is heavily commercialised with shops at every level and inside the main temple complexes. Mahayana Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend into a harmonious whole, both in the temple architecture and artwork as well as in the daily activities of worshippers. The Chinese New Year celebrations are particularly impressive. For 30 days following Chinese New Year, the temple remains open until late at night whilst thousands of lights turn the scenery into a sea of light.

• Batu Caves

Visiting Batu Caves is like undertaking a pilgrimage, as visitors have to make their way up a flight of 272 steps in order to reach the entrance of the caves. At the foot of the hills, a large golden statue of Lord Murugan, the principal Hindu deity connected to the site, stands, seemingly like a vigilant sentinel against unseen evil. The cave temple complex, a total of three main caves and a couple of smaller ones, is dominated by the biggest cave, known alternately as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave. This cave, with a 100 metre high ceiling houses several shrines dedicated to Hindu deities. Other caves offer interesting perspectives into the Hindu pantheon and myths, and are adorned with statues of deities and paintings depicting the popular myth of Lord Murugan.

Duty Free


• Duty Free Shopping, Labuan

Conveniently located within Labuan Town Centre, duty free shops make your duty free shopping experience easy. This place offers an exciting range of duty free products, like imported chocolates, pearls, textiles, liquor and many others.

• Johor Bahru Duty Free Zone, Johor

The largest duty-free complex in Malaysia. It has a hotel and convention centre, a floating restaurant with a popular nightclub and a five-level shopping podium.

• Langkawi

Langkawi is a duty-free shopping haven offering an attractive range of local and imported goods for those with a thing for shopping. Most of the island's shopping establishments can be found in and around Kuah. Langkawi is a duty-free shopping haven offering an attractive range of local and imported goods for those with a yen for shopping. Most of the island's shopping establishments can be found in and around Kuah.


Malaysian cuisine is exotic and blessed with the dynamic mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian and also fusion food that evolved from the meeting of cultures notably those of the Nyonya and Indian Muslims. Very easily available at every hour and at competitively low prices, Malaysian cuisine offers a warm welcome to an endless and tantalizing gastronomic adventure to the visitors.

a) Malay Cuisines

Malay cuisine is rich and spicy arising from the use of hard spices and a wet spice mixture of "rempah" and coconut milk. Malay cuisine varies from region to region. Kelantanese cuisine, akin to Thai cooking for example, has a sweetish taste due to liberal use of coconut milk and sugar in cooking. On the other hand, the cuisine of Kedah is spicier due to the influence of Indians who arrived here centuries ago during the spice trade. For the adventurous, there is an array of popular Malay dishes to tantalize their taste buds. A favourite with Malaysians is "Nasi Lemak", rice cooked in coconut milk served with anchovies, squid, eggs, cucumber and sambal (chili paste). An East Coast favourite is "Nasi dagang", fragrant unpolished glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk and served with tuna fish curry. "Nasi Kerabu", another rice-based dish native to Kelantan, is served with local herbs and salted fish. A Malay banquet would not be complete without the ever popular "Satay", skewered chicken or beef marinated in spices, then grilled over charcoal fire. It is served with peanut gravy, rice cubes, cucumber and onions.

b) Chinese Cuisines

A wide variety of Chinese cuisines is available in Kuala Lumpur. Among the popular styles of cooking are those of the Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese, Hakka and Szechuan communities. Generally, Chinese cuisines are mild in flavor but local influence has given it a slightly spicier taste. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, "Dim Sum" (steam snacks) is served around the clock. Apart from hotels outlets and large chain restaurants, Chinese food is also available in most coffee shops around Kuala Lumpur.

c) Nyonya Cuisines

Nyonya or "Peranakan" cuisines evolved out of a unique blend of Malay and Chinese cooking styles. It is characterized by sweet, sour, spicy and pungent flavors. Typical dishes include "Otak-otak" (fish meat marinated in spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled) and "Itik tim" (duck with salted vegetables). The cuisines are best tried in Nyonya restaurants which have become popular in recent years.

d) Indian Cuisines

Contrary to popular perception, Indian cuisines need not be searingly hot. Various spice blends are used in Indian cuisines to give a robust flavor to food but yoghurt almost always accompanies a meal at the end to cool down the taste buds. Milder on the taste buds are dishes such as "Kurma" (mild meat curry) and "Tandoori" chicken (chicken baked in clay oven). Generally, Southern Indian cuisines are hotter than its Northern Indian and Moghul counterparts and are characterized by the heavy use of cream meat-based dishes and "Naan" breads. Indian-Muslim cuisines are another local favourite one ought to try while in Kuala Lumpur. Popular dishes include fish head curry, "Murtabak" (pancake with spiced meat mixture) and "Mee goreng" (fried noodles).


The shopping experience in Malaysia is a joyous one. With so many good quality products to buy, ranging from world renowned brands to our local designers; value for your money with distinct products will define your unique Malaysian shopping experience.

Kuala Lumpur has many interesting attractions; like Merdeka Square, the famous Petronas Twin Towers, Aquaria and much more. KL is also known as a shoppers' paradise with some of the largest shopping malls in Asia where you can literally shop 'til you drop.

The largest sales at every shopping mall are a biannual affair in Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia always uses this to attract more tourists to the country; they have named it the 'Mega Sale'. There is one mega sale around Christmas and one around Merdeka (Independence Day) in August every year. Mega Sales usually last up to two months. For most tourists shopping in Malaysia is already quite affordable due to the conversion rates of their own currency to the Malaysia Ringgit. During these shopping sales there are discounts up to 90% in many stores. Bargaining is usually not the best option in modern shopping malls, but you may always ask for a better price.

• Bukit Bintang

Some of the city's major shopping centres can be found along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Known as KL's ultimate shopping zone, Bukit Bintang presents a wealth of options that would appease even the shrewdest shopper. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find most of what you need at these shopping malls, like Pavilion KL, suiting every budget and need, from premium stores to specialty outlets.

• Kenanga Wholesale City Mall

KWC is the latest exciting mall in the Asian fashion wholesale industry. The exceptional development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is inspired by the success of wholesale centres in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea. KWC is Malaysia's first one-stop fashion wholesale shopping mall that brings together a large and comprehensive directory of businesses - fashion, accessories, shoes, gifts, and other lifestyle products, all under one roof.

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), World-Class Hosting Facilities

The host, UiTM is the largest higher-learning institution in Malaysia in terms of size and population. UiTM was established in 1956 which came as response to a need in Malaysia for trained professionals. The university has experienced phenomenal growth with 12 branch campuses, 3 satellite campuses, 9 city campuses and 23 affiliated colleges. It is currently the home to some 172,000 students across Malaysia, with almost 15,000 in the main campus.

The university, with the total of 47 campuses, UiTM still maintains the best facilities for the student to ensure the best learning experience. Facilities like transportation, library, student activity centre, sports centre and health centre are well maintained, and the UiTM never hesitate to invest in more and more facilities for the university. The new Campus, located in Puncak Alam, is one of the proofs of university's commitment to ensure the facilities and learning environment for its members.

All debating rooms are spacious, air-conditioned and within walking distance to the briefing hall. We ensure that all facilities to be used for the tournament will be kept at the best operating level to ensure the tournament to run smoothly. The main campus where we plan to run the preliminary rounds is in Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor, about 20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

As mention before, the organizing committee will have full support from university to bear all transportation costs: to and from the airport, the debating venue and all social venues.

UT MARA Debate Society

Lauded as a powerhouse of Asian debating and a consistent frontrunner of Malaysian debating, UT MARA has a vision to contribute back to the international debating community. Established in 1998, UT MARA has been attending and hosting tournaments regularly; both in the national and international debating scene. Having hosted the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship in 2007 and will revisit the feat in 2013, we are up for a challenge!


Starting with two humble debaters laying down the groundwork for the establishment of this Society in 1998, UT MARA set off on a determined journey of changing minds. By 2004, UT MARA has made its mark as recurrent champions of the national varsity circuit. In 2007, UT MARA earned the title of Asian champions.

The Malaysian Universities Debating Council has consistently recognized this Society as the top achiever in the Malaysian debating circuit as well as the best-performing Malaysian institution in the international debating circuit. In present time, we hold over sixty championship titles and we are aiming for the open break of the World Universities Debating Championship after losing out only on speaker scores at Manila Worlds 2012.

From the modest start of two members; this Society now consists of one hundred members, fifteen committed High Committee executives and a fully-staffed Debating Unit established by the university administration to cater to the needs of this Society.

Giving Back

Even in our early years, this Society has pledged towards serving the debating community by establishing the Annual Vice-Chancellor's Cup as a measure to develop the debating societies in all MARA university branches. As the largest university in the world due to a unique concept of having thirty-five branches all across Malaysia, UT MARA as the main branch created this week-long tournament that also serves as a centralized training centre to educate and develop the 150 participating debaters.

As the Malaysian debating community grows more vibrant with new debating institutions joining the circle, UT MARA created the National Novice Debating Championship in 2004. The Championship was designed as a platform exclusive for amateur debaters to improve as we do away with the comparative advantage that is ever-present in the big leagues. As the largest tournament in Malaysia, rivaling Malaysia Debate Open with its regular 100 team cap for a 3-on-3 format; National Novice brings forth new institutions every year who move on to become regular participants of the Malaysian debating circuit.

However, MARA's pride and joy would be the establishment of the Malaysian Institute for Debating and Public Speaking (MIDP) by two of our most accomplished alumni. MIDP is purely motivated by passion and organizes nation-wide trainings, seminars and tournaments for the development of debating and communication skills. It connects smaller institutions with highly experienced members of the community for a nominal fee. Amongst many other things, MIDP is creating an accreditation database for all Malaysian adjudicators and a standardized national ranking system to facilitate the operation of the debating community. UT MARA unswervingly volunteers our assistance to all MIDP endeavours

Recent Achievements

- Highest-ranked Asian team at De La Salle University WUDC 2012
- Two teams in the main break of Korea Australs 2011
- Breaking team in all installations of WUPID
- A minimum of two breaking teams at all installations of Asian BP and UADC
- Grand finalist of Asian BP in 2010, 2011 and 2012
- Best National Team in 2010 and 2011 – Award by Malaysian Universities Debating Council
- National Champions (Royals) 2012 – both Junior and Senior Category
- Champion of Prime Minister's Cup 2011 and 2012
- Consistent national-level champion in a variety of tournaments throughout the year, with seven national titles in 2011 and six national titles in 2012 (thus far)

Organizational Experience

- We organize four tournaments annually:
- National Novice Debating Championship (90 - 100 teams)
- ICRC International Humanitarian Law Debate (50 – 60 teams)
- UT MARA IV (60 – 80 teams)
- Vice-Chancellor's Cup (40 – 60 teams)
- Other tournaments recently organized:
- Women's Open Debating Championship 2010 and 2012 (40 teams)
- We are the prospective host of UT MARA Australs 2013.

Malaysia Worlds


Why Malaysia Worlds?


• Adjudication

Co-CAs: Shafiq Bazari (UT MARA)
5 DCAs appointed through an open application process
Regional representation to be accounted for in the application process
50 subsidised adjudicators with full registration subsidy and full/partial travel subsidy
An experienced world-class tab team

• Accommodation


Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Maya is an upcoming boutique resort located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Situated in the city's business and commercial districts, our neighbours include the Petronas Twin Towers and the city's premier shopping centre, Suria KLCC. With its resort-type environment, Hotel Maya sets a new benchmark for a unique yet pleasant experience: When you enter the Hotel Maya, your senses are truly transported to exotic realms! The stylish interior of the hotel is finished with bamboo panelling, a pathway over the flowing water and elegant furnishings create an ambience that is both contemporary and compelling. The Hotel name is derived from the word Maya, a familiar citation in the Malaysian language meaning 'illusion' or 'dream' which harmoniously embody class, inspiration and vision. The logo was conceptualised from elements of nature. Bronze dominates to represent this noble metal, whilst the blue curve on the 'y' indicates the water element. Both simultaneously signify nature to depict our boutique urban resort concept.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If first impressions are anything to go by, the newly-renovated Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur wins hands-down. As you step foot into the lobby, the sight that greets you is truly one to behold. Delve deeper and you will find that Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur is not just about good looks. Its impressive qualities go far beyond aesthetics, extending to its range of offerings and level of service. An oasis of elegant calm in the midst of a busy metropolis, the hotel does not only look and feel like a world-class, five-star establishment, it also gives each and every guest the five-star treatment that Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur is infamous for, bestowing upon its guests a truly five-star experience.

Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur has a distinct personality and offers a warm welcome often missing from other hotels. We offer you the comfort and courtesy one would expect from a hotel with priority for efficiency and quality in place. Conveniently located in Bukit Bintang, many shopping, entertainment and fine dining opportunities are just a few steps from the hotel. The hotel rooms are lavishly furnished and equipped with all television sets, in-house movies and room safes. Upgrade to Summit Rooms, Deluxe Panorama Rooms or Suites to enjoy business extras including high speed Internet service and faxing. Dine in our tasteful restaurant with a choice of delicious local and international cuisine at the Makan-Makan restaurant. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, enjoy the splendid service and superior comfort when you stay in Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur.

Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dedicated to the indulgence of the senses, Prince Hotel & Residence goes beyond a 5-star hotel. Combining elegance, luxurious comfort and award-winning service, this hotel aims to delight both business and leisure guests. Itself a landmark in the Golden Triangle area, Prince Hotel & Residence lies in the heart of the city, surrounded by the city's most sophisticated shopping centres, exciting entertainment outlets and fine dining establishments.

Empire Hotel Subang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

World-class service that efficiently paints a tapestry of glowing memories. Sculptures of glass and steel that shape and colour the very air you breathe. Spaces that revive jaded minds; little flourishes that magnify the soul. Empire Hotel is the natural retreat for today's well-travelled and cultured urbanite, a gallery of creative experiences designed for modern, discerning and sophisticated sensibilities. Your stay here pays tribute to the ideals of all great civilizations, infused with the artist's matchless touch, transcending the ordinary, escaping mere existence, setting senses alight, refreshing the spirit. Check into your private cocoon of dreams where a symphony of modern luxuries and amenities await to serenade. Stop and admire the service – shaped and polished to match your expectations beautifully, infused with lots of smiles, warm touches and picture perfect memories. Soaring majestically in the Subang Jaya enclave bustling with youthful energy, shopping spectacle and red-hot nightspots, Empire Hotel captures and paints the world for your pleasure, presenting a stirring and unforgettable journey for every guest. Welcome to the new masterpiece of inspirational bliss.

Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Malaysia's capital city. Providing modern yet homely accommodation, excellent business facilities as well as refined personal service, the hotel is the perfect destination for comfortable and convenient living. Only a short walk away are KL's shopping, business and entertainment venues, as well as the famous Chinatown. Step into the lobby of our hotel and you will be embraced by warm smiles and friendly greetings welcoming you to a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

• Socials

1) Welcoming Drinks
2) Opening Ceremony
3) Cultural Night
4) Comedy Night
5) Break Night
6) Grand Dinner
7) Closing Ceremony

Possible Venues for Socials Events


• Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Kuala Lumpur

Situated very near to the Twin Tower of Kuala Lumpur, this convention centre would be a great place for the grand finals to take place at. Spanning 2 levels, it is comfortable for audiences of 800 delegates to its capacity of 3000.

• Istana Budaya

The Istana Budaya, which means The Palace of Culture, is a home to all types of theatre including musicals, operetta, classical concert and opera from local and international performances. The Istana Budaya theatre hall Panggung Sari is designed uniquely with royal boxes inspired by the windows of the traditional Rumah Melayu or Malay house. This theatre hall can accommodate up to 1,412 audiences at a time.

• Craft Cultural Complex, Kuala Lumpur

If you're looking for traditional handicrafts, look no further, this is just the perfect place to be at! Assortments of handicrafts are offered here at the Kompleks Budaya Kraf situated in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy seeing the reflection of the cultural diversity in Malaysia through these fine handicrafts made by locals at this complex.

• Sky Bar Kuala Lumpur

Experience the intoxicating view of Kuala Lumpur while enjoying cool drinks, in a very chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere from the Sky-bar Kuala Lumpur. The view of the city from the bar creates an irresistible desire to do what we often should do; chill out! The breathtaking scenery of KL's city skyline from Sky Bar is definitely one of the best things you should experience while you're here!

• Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur

Surrounded by towering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, the Luna Bar is perched on the 34th floor rooftop of Menara Pan Global; it offers a great 360 degrees view of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. With such an incredibly scenic view, it makes Luna Bar one of the hippest places to gather at night! Get intoxicated not only with the magnificent view, but also with the great music, and swimming pool!

• Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur

Zouk Club is constantly known as it offers the best nights featuring the greatest dance music acts in the world. This world-standard club offers an unparalleled level of clubbing experience as the club brings in world quality acts including the best and most famous resident DJs of the world!

• Circus

With its very flaunting and eclectic interior, Circus will draw you in a playful world of charm and extravagance. As the sun sets, the atmosphere will be evolving into a chic and casual eatery where you will experience fine dining at this modern lounge in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. Sit back and relax and just enjoy the comedy. Circus offers a variety of delectable cuisines, be prepared to indulge and satisfy your cravings.

• PICC, Putrajaya

With its motto, "Where great minds meet", this is certainly the best place to have the grand finals of WUDC! It is designed to be a world-class centre with a built-up area of 1.3 million sq feet ranged over 9 levels. The unique design of the centre is said to be inspired by the traditional Malay belt-buckle.


Shafiq Bazari

Exicited to be a part of the bid

When approached by the bid committee, being very familiar with the Malaysian debating community, I was initially very much skeptical with the Malaysian bid considering the fact that we are a growing debate community, seeing new debate institutions cropping up every few months, continuously adding new faces to our mildly saturated community.

Then they showed me their bid, they shared their visions for the tournament and in its running, and they showed to me the work they have done, I was impressed at the amount of support that they have garnered from both the local debating community and the government. I hereby proudly submit that Malaysia Worlds has the full backing the Malaysian collective. Being run also by one of the largest debating institutions in the country, the organizing committee, on an individual level has personally seen thru or been a part of the running of various tournaments making this one of the most experienced team I have had the privilege to work with.

Bringing the world's largest debating tournament to Malaysian shores is likely to benefit the upcoming debating institutions that are sprouting from various varsities across the country. Giving them a chance to observe and hopefully learn from the best that the world has to offer. Many would never be granted the be a part of and share the Worlds experience, something that we have all been privileged enough to be a part of for many years.

Having secured a sum of 65 000 USD, I commit to the world debating community that in order to ensure quality adjudication, that we will maximize the allocated sum in subsidizing adjudicators, and ensure that adjudication subsidy will ensure the most qualified adjudicators from all regions a spot, allocation will be primarily focused on meritocratic regional based representation.

I am very excited to be a part of this bid. I am very amazed at the amount of work and support the team has done in such a short span of time, I dare say give the team another year and we would have on our hands on of the best worlds we have ever seen.

See you in Malaysia Worlds 2015!

Jonathan Leader Maynard

To the World Debating Community,

When Mai Mokhsein approached me to ask if I would be the Co-CA for the Malaysia Worlds 2015 Bid, I was initially hesitant. The respectable lifespan of a debater is shorter than many appear to think, and I have definitely passed the "your presence at this tournament in no way implies that you lack friends outside of debating" stage. Once I started to find out more about the UT MARA team's plans, however, I didn't take much convincing. This is a truly exceptional bid. Carrying over the organisational team that will host Australs 2013, and with a track record of hosting four debating tournaments every year, UT MARA in 2015 will be in a position of unique experience to provide one of the best World Championships there has ever been. With ideal facilities for WUDC, and plans for some extraordinary socials and excursions in a country of stunning natural beauty, there is, in short, an awful lot for me, Shafiq, and our DCAs to live up to.

But we will, by ensuring that Malaysia Worlds meets the highest standards yet with motion-setting and adjudication. Shafiq and I carry extensive experience of judging and serving on adjudication teams at international and domestic tournaments all over the world. We have a strong record of setting motions of real interest and innovation – but which are strenuously tested for balance. And we will be accompanied at Malaysia Worlds by a panel of five DCAs that are genuinely representative of global debating – with one each from Europe, Oceania, the Americas, and the Middle East/Africa. That leaves one more DCA spot – we intend to use that to appoint the most outstanding applicant we receive who has not been allocated to one of the four regional slots. All five DCAs will be appointed by an open-application process. This is the fairest method available and one which allows you, the world debating community, to give your feedback on short-listed candidates and significantly shape the eventual appointments. This is about more than just creating the right appearances. If motions are to be fair and enjoyable, an adjudication team needs to have respected voices from multiple debating communities. If not, blind spots develop and, as has happened before, entire delegations can get their chances at the tournament ruined by a motion more inaccessible, antagonising or difficult for them than others. A regionally balance adjudication team tackles that problem.

Inside this bid document, you can find our detailed policies on adjudication – we've lots of innovations aimed at improving the Worlds experience of both debaters and judges – a revamped Worlds Masters tournament, subsidies for a minimum of 50 international adjudicators, expanded coaching workshops, a full how to debate and judge manual, and more. These are not the limit of our plans – but they demonstrate our commitment to constantly raising the standard of adjudication at Worlds. Shafiq and I will lead a professional, accessible and creative adjudication team that will devote unparalleled resources towards improving the features of WUDC that matter most to you. We will make adjudication and debating at Malaysia Worlds 2015 every bit as exceptional as the rest of the tournament – we hope you can give us your backing.

Jonathan Leader Maynard
Co-Chief Adjudicator
Malaysia Worlds 2015 Bid

Jonathan Leader Maynard

-Co-Chief Adjudicator

JLM is one of the most prolific debaters of our generation. Having topped the tabs of WUDC and as a two-time Grand Finalist of WUDC, Champion and Best Speaker of the European Universities Debating Championship as well as serving on the adjudication core of Amsterdam Euros, Oxford IV, Koç International Open, and nine other tournaments; the adjudication of Malaysia Worlds 2015 is in safe hands.

Shafiq Bazari


-Co-Chief Adjudicator

Shafiq is renowned in the Asian debating scene who most recently stamped his presence by being elected as a member of the adjudication core for both of Asia's regional tournaments: BIPEDS Asian BP Debating Championship 2012 and United Asian Debating Championship 2013. As a speaker, he has broken in the last four installations of World University Peace Invitational Debate, the recent Korea Australs 2011 as well as in all Asian-level debating championships for the last four years. In Malaysia's domestic circuit, he holds an impressive count of over twelve national championship titles under his belt and countless speaker awards.

Muhammad Abdul Latif


-Tab Consultant

Latif is one of Asia's most prolific debater, adjudicator, coach and tabmaster. He's been involved in global debating since his student days in the 90s and is one of the first few to attend WUDC from Malaysia. He is the Asian Debating Champion of 1996 and won the first ever national debating tournament in Malaysia. As a judge, his profile includes WUDC and Asian Grand Finals, countless CA and DCA positions around the world and still actively adjudicates today.

To say the least about his tabbing experience, Latif has been tabbing since before computers had tab programs. To name a few recent involvements, he was recently the co-tab director at Manila Worlds, Bangladesh Asian BP and still tabs at local inter-varsities as recently as a few months ago. We are honored to have our teacher and friend we call brother Latif on board Malaysia Worlds 2015!

Edwin "Clansman" Law


-Tab Consultant

Clansman is known for his perfectionist tabbing strategy. As the Co-creator of the 3tab tabbing system that has proven its ability as a glitch-free tab in the last two Asians and two Australs, he takes pride in his work. As for his tabulation experience, Clansman has tallied an impressive two Worlds (MMU Worlds & Botswana Worlds), two Australs (MMU Australs & Ateneo Australs) and several Asians as a tabmaster. Clansman was also a top debater, formerly from the famous Voices MMU Debating Society, he's a champion of several Malaysian IVs and regularly made international breaks as well.
  • Malaysia
    Truly Asia

    Malaysia Truly Asia

    "Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise, it has also made Malaysia home to hundreds of colourful festivals. It's no wonder that we ..."

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  • The

    The University

    "The university's faculties comprise 4,000 academics, scholars and researchers. The university has expanded nationwide with four satellite campuses, 12 branch campuses, nine city campuses and 21 affiliated colleges..."

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    Debating Society

    UT MARA Debating Society

    "Lauded as a powerhouse of Asian debating and a consistent frontrunner of Malaysian debating, UT MARA has a vision to contribute back to the international debating community..."

    more →
  • Malaysia

    Malaysia Worlds

    "Malaysia Worlds 2015 is destined for success. The Malaysian uniqueness as a country, together with modern facilities, infrastructure and all the expertise available will lead to the smooth planning of WUDC 2015..."

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Tournament Details


Team Cap

Initial 400 team cap (with the possibility of increasing it to 440 teams)

Institutional Cap

Institutional cap of 3 teams and 2 adjudicators

Registration Fee

EUR380 (approximately USD485 or RM1, 500) as a ceiling fee, with a view to reduce it upon securing more sponsors

Registration Policy

Our registration policy will observe the directions and ratification of Worlds Council. In the event that the Worlds Council does not issue a registration reform as expected, we would implement a system that aims to balance two priorities: maximizing the number of institutions that can attend whilst remaining committed to the participation of the strongest and most historically involved institution.

In application, we will place emphasis on allocating one team to all interested institutions, but with a certain number of places reserved for teams that have very strong records of participation and success at Worlds, in line with the Council proposals currently under review.



Malaysia can be easily accessed via air, land and sea transportation. Malaysia is serviced by 54 international airlines to over 100 international ports, which includes both mainstream and low cost carriers. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is easily accessible with direct flights from 55 airlines from major cities around the world. The KL Express rail link and shuttle busses take just 28 minutes from our modern KLIA to the city centre: the entertainment capital of Malaysia and the accommodation venue. Once teams reach Kuala Lumpur, the debating venue is a twenty minutes drive, with various access of public transport such as busses and trains. We have the university support to bear all costs of transportation from the airport to the accommodation venue and we are to provide direct transportation for teams to reach all tournament venues from the accommodation venue.

Other local transport option includes rail, monorail and taxi services are at very economical prices.



Most nationalities around the world do not require visas for social or business visit. For those nationalities that require a visa, they can apply through their nearest Malaysian overseas mission. The Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau will assist with any immigration issues should they arise. We will actively facilitate the procurement of VISA and ensure that no application process will be encumbered by bureaucratic difficulties.

Adjudication Core


→ Foreword → Foreword
→ Profile → Profile

Co-CAs: Jonathan Leader Maynard (Oxford) and Shafiq Bazari (UT MARA)

DCAs: 5 DCAs to be appointed through an open application process incorporating regional representation. We would hope to allocate the five slots as follows:

1) Oceania
2) Africa and the Middle East
3) Continental Europe
4) The Americas
5) A slot open to candidates of exceptional quality regardless of regional background.

The DCA appointment process will involve extensive consultation with the world debating community - feedback from debaters and judges on short-listed candidates will play a major role in DCA selection.


.Adjudication Policies.

Adjudication policies at WUDC don't need a revolutionary overhaul – what they do need is sustained innovation and improvement every year. We intend to do this in seven main ways:


we will (with the permission of their current authors) expand the outstanding debating and judging briefings compiled initially for De La Salle Worlds, and refined for Berlin Worlds. We will turn these into an extensive manual for debating and judging at Malaysia Worlds 2015, which will also serve as a valuable coaching resource for new institutions and new debaters in advance of the tournament.


we intend to substantially revitalise Worlds Masters. We would like to turn it into a larger and more prestigious competition which is also integrated into the coaching support provided for new institutions, debaters and novice judges, providing a chance to see some former greats of debating in action and practice judging in advance of the main preliminary rounds.


as this suggests, we wish to significantly develop and expand the advanced coaching sessions for judges and debaters. We envisage two days of workshops on adjudication combined with debate workshops for new institutions and observers, all integrated, as noted above, with the early rounds of Worlds Masters. Workshops will be delivered by the adjudication team themselves in tandem with internationally esteemed debaters and judges from across the world.


we want to remedy the remaining frustrations generated by judge allocations at Worlds – judging panels dominated by one region, a lack of transparency in how judges are evaluated and rotated, and so forth. We will investigate ways to automatically diversify judging panels in the tabbing software and we plan to publish a rolling "Top Judges" tab during the preliminary rounds based on debater feedback. This would have many uses, providing an incentive for judges to maximise their feedback and support to the debaters, and deservedly raising the profile of new but high quality judges.


we intend to build the most advanced feedback monitoring software to date – giving the adjudication team clear short-lists of high performing or low performing judges so that debaters' and judges' feedback will genuinely shape rotation and room assignments.


we will have genuine and dramatic rotation at the tournament – both to maximise the enjoyment of all judges at the tournament and to ensure that all debaters across the tournament have access to the highest quality of feedback and the fairest possible decisions. We intend to build this into the tab hardware, but could also institute it via the feedback monitoring software.


and most importantly, UT MARA are providing fantastic resources for us to bring in an adjudication pool of unparalleled quality and diversity. With at least US$65,000 for judge subsidies, we will subsidise a minimum of between 50 and 70 independent judges. As resources increase, raising this figure is our joint top priority alongside reductions in the registration fee.

Tab Masters


→ Profile → Profile

Tab Consultants: Edwin "Clansman" Law & Muhammad Abdul Latif

Organising Commitee


Mai Mokhsein


Mai is the incumbent President of UT MARA Debating Society who was twice-elected for the position of Presidency. She is now serving her third reelected term on the High Committee. She is also currently acting as the elected Chair of the Asian BP Debating Council 2013 and was the National Delegate of Malaysia for WUDC Council 2012.

She is the only individual who has been in the Finals of the Asian BP Debating Championship thrice in a row and is part of the highest-ranked Asian team at the recently concluded De La Salle University Worlds 2012. She is a breaking debater in Korea Australs and all installations of United Asian Debating Championship & Asian BP Debating Championship. She holds an aggregate of nine championship titles under her belt and countless speaker prizes. In addition, she was the Chief Adjudicator of Asian Schools Debating Championship 2012.

She also has extensive organizational experience as the Co-Convenor of National Novice Debating Championship 2010 which comprised of 100 participating teams as well as the Convenor of the renowned ICRC International Humanitarian Law Debate for three-years running in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Ahmed Faris

Deputy Convenor

Med has been actively involved in the debating scene for several years for both national and international level. Although he has won several national championships as well as served as an adjudication core member of a few others, he is better known as MARA's Super Convenor. As the current Vice President of UT MARA, Med acts as the supervisor for all of the forty-odd tournaments that fall under UT MARA's lapel. He also has extensive experience in organizing large-scale tournaments and his OCD ensures that he always gets his perfectionist ways. As the Convenor of UT MARA Australs 2013, Med is prepared to show the international debating community of his caliber and ready to make each coming tournament his best one.


Tournament Director

Being a high committee member of the UT MARA Debating Society for two years in a row, Emellia Shariff is all hardwork, preserverence and team work. She has been the Co-Convener for at least six tournaments, a testament to her organizational skills and experiences.

Emellia joined debates because she wanted to be a funny speaker. Though that has failed terribly, her love and passion for debates grow stronger. She was recently the Semifinalist for ABP Jakarta and the current junior category national champion in the country. Emellia has won 3 tournaments and bagged countless best speaker prizes. She was also the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for UT MARA's internal tournament and has been breaking as an adjudicator at various tournaments like UADC Macau, ABP Bangladesh, Intramurous Philippines and many others.

Izzat Fauzan

Finance Director

Izzat "Obama" Fauzan was coerced into debating back in high school and has fallen in love with it ever since. Currently affiliated with the UT MARA Debating Society, he has been involved with debates as a debater, adjudicator, tabmaster, as well as involved in developing debates in several high schools in Malaysia. Clearly a case of an arranged marriage with debate that blossomed into a healthy relationship.

Ain Aissa

Tournament Director

Ain Aissa is a final year law student in UiTM who has been involved in debating for the past 3 years winning numerous local tournaments such as the Prime Minister's Cup 2011, UKM IV 2012/2010, Kenyalang Debate Open 2011, etc as well as broken in international tournaments such as UADC2010/2011and ABP 2011/2012. She has also been on the organizing committee of big scale tournaments like the National Novice Debating Championship 2007 and Australs 2013.

Elli Famira

Accomodation Director

With her sky-high platform Oxfords and colourful clothes, Elli Famira is as quirky as she appears to be. In a few short months, Elli has picked up numerous experiences of debating in local IVs as well as adjudicating the grand finals of MMU IV. Whilst her number one love may be sports, debating is looking to steal that spot very soon. Not only is she excited to see if anyone can take her on in a basketball match, she is even more excited to make your stay in Malaysia pleasant and awesome!


Socials Director

Majors in Biomolecular Sciences by day, and acts and sings by night. Debate balances everything out. Was awarded the National Novice Champion title in 2012 and juggled being a student and Head of Student Council in 2007. Has been an active member of the UT MARA Debate Society since September 2011 and anxiously awaits to see the hosting of WUDC UT MARA before graduating.


Liason and Welfare

Debating has become more than just a passion for Muayyad. A proud member of UT MARA and its High Committee, Muayyad has already won several tournaments within his first year in the club and is always hungry for more. With ambitions to be one of the best debaters in the worlds circuit one day, he first intends on making your Worlds experience in Malaysia an unforgettable one.

Jainah Jaafar

Transport Officer

Affectionately known as Jay, Jainah Jaafar has been around the debating scene just shy of a year.A proud new member of UT MARA, she's made it a mission to establish herself as one of the best female debaters affiliated with humour and wit. With a regional championship under her belt, Jay dreams of taking the debating world by storm. Patiently waiting to crack jokes for your enjoyment at Worlds 2015.


Commitee Member



Commitee Member


Izzat Ariff

Commitee Member


Jasmine Ho

Transport Officer

Jasmine has been debating for a few months and have made it to the finals of women's Open 2012 and was also awarded top ten best speaker for that tournament. She was also a finalist for VC-Cup and one of the top ten best speaker, in that tournament she was also the champion of the public speaking competition.
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